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Wet Black High Stiletto Boots BJD 1/3 SD16 (fits Smart Doll and DD)

Wet Black High Stiletto Boots BJD 1/3 SD16 (fits Smart Doll and DD)

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Wet Black high stiletto boots.

  • It is very seductive.
  • It is take longer time to put it on and off, need to lace up
  • Girls tested it on high heel and flat smart doll feet. Both works
  • Originally designed for SD16 also fit DD.
  • We love their synthetic smell ;)

It was designed for SD16, but will fit Smart Doll:
- high heel feet. Although it will be a bit tight and will need gently to press on the feet  heel to push it in. It will fit even with a thin sock that is recommended to prevent possible stains. Then unzip you need to push feet towards toe, before slide zip on the heel.
- flat feet. It will fit much easier as this type of feet is smaller. Because shoes is closed you won't see much difference with high heel feet.

One more note we wish lace part has a little less sizing. Then the lace part is tight at maximum it is not yet supertight on the Smart Doll leg.

Feel free to text Destiny on Instagram @dolldestinyx with any questions.

Warning: Black version means black, use anti stain stockings! It was not staining our legs during photo shoot. Miracle! Although material from inside is black and internal part has elements made of external black soft synthetic leather. Please just put on stocking and it will look even more sexy. If you was brave to wear it on the vinyl, let us know your experience. But of course, you was warned.

Apart from anything else looks stunning!

Available (then available ^^) in:

Wet Black color <- old version, out of stock

Black color <- you now looking at

Red color

White color

Black color need some clarification. Out of all three colors back initially was supplied in a sexy "Wet Black" this version you looking now. However in the latest batch factory changed material without notice to color similar to red and white. New version available here: Black color. It looks less wet but more smart rather then sexy. It will now better match Ti@To jackets. However Destiny will try and get "wet" versions as well. Normally shops will keep selling them as same black color claiming "black colors on the pictures can look different". But we branched as a separate product to avoid further confusion.

As usual stock shipped from South California.

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