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Western Boots for Smart Doll

Western Boots for Smart Doll

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Finally we are releasing first shoes that are designed for Smartdoll leg.  Nostalgia went to Spain as a traveling model for this to happen.

Maybe you know that American western movies were filmed in the deserts of Almeria and not Arizona :) Same our Western shoes they are made in Spain.

We haven't decide on the sole design yet and not ready to order a mold form for plastic injection. It allow us to experiment more on design before we go same commercial mainstream: same sole and various leather top part.
So at the moment soles are made manually, copies are not so consistent and not ideally symmetric. But it create more authentic western look. Only zip on internal side reminds that we are in 21century.

The factory who stand behind the production is specialized on shoes for flamenco dancers. And they took it serious that footwear should be comfortable to wear and even dance maybe. I've objected few times from my experience saying doll won't dance and you free to start from external design and feet can just fit.

In the end real wooden lasts were produced and all classic shoes technologies were applied. So that internally boots fits smartdoll feet anatomically, it doesn't wobble at all even without socks. In our view Smartdoll can stand in Western Boots more stable then with ones from the original store. So shoes are dance ready, as soon as Smartdoll can dance they are good to go and dance ^^

You can wear under some socks. They looks nice with the blue jeans.

As usual few words about possibility of the color transfer. Interior is lined with body color leather close to the cinnamon tone. The only black versions are carrying a black zip that in theory can poses some stain threat. The leather is the same quality as for "organic" dancers ^^ material designed to sustain heat, sweat and long hours of dancing sessions. Maybe overkill, but highly unlikely those materials can transfer or loose the color.

Please note that the sole and leather parts are not perfectly symmetric due manual manufacture process. Hence we reduced the price for the 1st batch slightly.

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