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Swing chair for Smartdoll (SD, DD, any 1/3 scale doll)

Swing chair for Smartdoll (SD, DD, any 1/3 scale doll)

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Furniture from Fairy Light.

It comes as a DIY kits. It fit any 1/3 scale doll. Also it fits 1/4 doll or even two of them. 1/6 entire family can climb in it. 

Listed price includes domestic delivery within USA.

Cushions ARE NOT part of the kit.
They can be purchased here: Fairy Light Cushions for Smatdoll
Or you can use any scarf or a small pillow. You may use 14x14 inch as a reference.

You may need a file to widen some slots.
You need glue, although it can hold shape without glue.

In the box
1. 1x basement
2. 2x support stand
3. 1x central spar
4. 2x lateral spars
5. 30x horizontal ribs (you need 29)

Cushions ARE NOT part of the kit. Also you will need a cable that hangs the chair.

You may want to have and use: file and glue for a wood.

Assembly instructions are following:

1. install 29x horizontal ribs onto the central spar.
2. Insert ribs edges into side (lateral spars). They should insert without extensive pressure. If they are too tight to enter use a file to widen the slot.
3. Install 2x support stand onto the basement.
4. Use any cable of your choice (not part of the kit) to hang assembled chair to the stand.

Enjoy the chair.

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