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Oak Elven Backpack (1/3 scale)

Oak Elven Backpack (1/3 scale)

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Comfortable bag for 1/3 doll. Looks great and spacious enough to carry all forest findings as well enough snack and magic potions for a day trip :) Themed in oak style.
The Interior is lined. All pockets are functional. Tiny but powerful amulet attached with acorns from elven tree. Camouflaged as a key-chain trinket on the side of the bag it is powerful enough to make Smartdoll look double smart :)

Designed and made by Nymphodisiac known for quality, unique design and surrealistic elvish style.

Materials: Genuine leather, cotton.

Stain warnings: Normally it will not contact vinyl. The leather straps can stain, use with a shirt, and avoid direct body contact.

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