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Butterworks Studio

Necklace for Smartdoll La Pearle 3 Strand

Necklace for Smartdoll La Pearle 3 Strand

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Three strand vintage feel pearl studded chain necklace (this one not gold plated).

This product is brought by Butterworks studio from Singapore. Elegant, perfectly match Smartdoll neck.

Fastened with lock on the back so your doll don't need to lose head to wear it.

It will fit any 1/3 BJD doll, length is slightly adjustable.

Chain material of this particular one is NOT GOLD plated. Just ordinary gold looking alloy.

Where is no grantee it will not stain when worn for long periods of time.

We have mix of shots originally prepared by Fel and also added few of our own taste. So you can see it better under different light condition.

Shipped from CA California

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