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High Mili Boots for Smar Doll

High Mili Boots for Smar Doll

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High Mili Boots for Smart Doll. 

This model is a result of Destiny's collaboration  with Spanish manufacturers. The goal was to produce quality strong shoes for Smart Doll. This particular reminds a lot of Tombraider series.

It is made in Spain from genuine leather. That has its advantages and disadvantages. It has more genuine look, it will last longer, however it is more difficult to make all copies equal. You can polish it and cream as normal shoes (just be careful with vinyl).

The fit is designed for Smartdoll flat leg, No need to buy high heel part. It fits tight, you can use thin stain prevention sock or tights but no more then that. The lace part looks great but it is a decorative and will not do any adjustment. Shoes equipped with the zip on the inner side of the leg.

It is lined from inside that make stain risk quite low. However be careful using colorful socks shoes can apply pressure in vinyl.

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