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S&C heels

High Heel Bandage Shoes (fits Smart Doll) for 1/3 BJD DD/SD16

High Heel Bandage Shoes (fits Smart Doll) for 1/3 BJD DD/SD16

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We have tested those shoes. Seems they work with Smartdolls feet. See the pictures, it fits equally acceptable on both flat and high heel. As it was designed originally for SD16/DD you can see there is extra space below the central part of the feet. This is true for both high and standard feet.

On the pictures below the cinnamon skin tone was Eva's legs modelling with her flat standard feet. The tea skin tone pictures are from Destiny modeling with high heel feet part. So you can easy compare how it fit. The sizing allows you to add some stockings to wear under shoes. The top strap covering the joint, good: it is covering the joint, bad it is in its way. You can decide and let me know. The bottom strap feel a bit short on the high heel feet ,but still possible to lock.

We love the design, they are very sexy. They quality is good. Material is a synthetic leather. 

Stain warnings: low. Shoes are lined with white material from inside. Only be careful with black version, the straps that hold the leg are NOT lined with the white material.

Condition: after careful photo shoot.
There is only single pair of each color available. There will be more but if you want it fast then order now.  

Shipped same day from LA with USPS 1st class or priority of your choice on checkout.

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