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Fox Spirit Miko Dress Set for DD Doll (fits Smartdoll)

Fox Spirit Miko Dress Set for DD Doll (fits Smartdoll)

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Wow! This dress has impressive details.

It is inspired by Japanese Miko style. Once outside the temple the sleeves are optional and the set can be used without them. Included ears and tail can convert your doll into pretty fox spirit.

As usual we tried it in the field, in a natural environment where you can find the fox spirit ;)

The set carry lot of cute details and accessories with it. Surprisingly dress designed to easy put it on and off.

I thought it will be hard to put it on. Actually that is why it was on the shelf long time before we finally pull it to try.  But once you do it once the procedure is rather simple also don't need to disassemble your doll. You can do it in less then one minute. For my boy's hands the longest procedure was to put on the tail, and need to be careful then removing the ears from the wig.

Although it is designed for DD the sizes are suitable for a Smartdoll, my friend also suggest that bigger bust will be more advantageous but we tried only on S size. The only caveat we found was with stockings, they a bit loose on smart doll and tend to slide down and we had to pull them up often after pose change.

Impressive kit includes:
- Bra.
- Skirt
- Miko dress style sleeves
- Belt with bell in front. It fixed and adjusted by velkro, the red/white striped bow on the back is decorative no need to adjust.
- Hand bell ( can't find good translation for it)
- Tiny fox mask
- Fox ears with tied bells, sooo cute! They clip on your wig (wig is not included)
- Fox tail
- tiny strap with the bell we didn't find where it goes ;)
- Stockings

It doesn't include:
- Doll
- Shoes
- Wig
- Sword

Shipped as usual same working day from Los Angeles.

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