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Black Leather Biker Jacket for Smart Doll

Black Leather Biker Jacket for Smart Doll

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Smart looking biker leather jacket for Smartdoll. Fits to ride any motorbike, but of course looks better with choppers.

Made by legendary Ti&To designer, famous for realistic look leather jackets and consistent quality. This brand is a DollDestinyX must have choice together with original Danny's apparel. 

Black color, it matches just anything. Synthetic leather has a scaled texture and provides a natural big girl's look. Zips and decorative elements further contribute to its realism. There is also a budget version available, that carries less decoration elements (no zips on sleeves etc), and also looks very smart.

Although it supports a perfect look for any sister in the family. It specially matches ones with "no joke" face: Destiny, Trinity etc. Add some badass style to your collection, the jacket was designed and created in the toughest country on earth - Russia. So if you have someone who has not paid the order just send  them a photo of your doll watching seriously into the camera and demand to pay :) ^^

It has a neutral color lining inside to prevent staining, that lining is normally not visible once your doll wear it. Front elements, neck area and tips of the sleeves however are leather on both sides, so it is not recommended to let dolls sleep in it, get some cozy pajamas instead. Also the jacket is not super tight and can be worn with a shirt or hoodie underneath.

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